here to serve.


Here at ECC, this is a place where You Belong.  Everyone is welcomed with open arms and a big smile here.  It doesn't matter who you are, what you've done, or where you've been; you are welcome, and you belong here.  There's a place for you here at ECC.

This is also a place where it's safe for you to Believe.  We believe that God loves us, that He accepts us, and that He forgives us.  The messages and opportunities shared here help us define our beliefs, develop our beliefs, test our beliefs, and grow in our faith in God.

ECC is also a place where you can Become.  We believe that God has a great plan for our life; plans to prosper and not to harm us.  Plans for a hope and a future.  We know that there is great potential in you, and we want to help that potential become a reality for you.